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Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry in Escondido for Improved Aesthetics and Function

A beautiful smile conveys confidence to the world. Our smiles are often the lynchpin of a good first impression and thus play significant roles in both our professional and social lives. At Marler Campbell Dental Group we use the latest, most innovative approaches to cosmetic dentistry to help our patients feel more comfortable and confident with their smiles. In addition to the aesthetic results achieved by cosmetic solutions, patients also benefit from improved functionality and better overall oral health. Escondido Cosmetic Dentist

Form, Function and Beauty

There are several points at which form and function overlap in cosmetic dentistry. For example, patients using ClearCorrect, a metal free alternative to braces, are not only charting a course to straighter more attractive teeth, but they're also correcting issues that could affect their bite and the overall health of their jaw. Patients who use crowns to repair a chipped or fractured tooth are not only improving their appearance but are also strengthening their teeth. Porcelain veneers will help to modify your smile regardless of stubborn stains, slight misalignment, unwanted gaps or uneven teeth. Modern cosmetic restorations will work both on functional and aesthetic fronts, resulting in a dramatically improved quality of life for the patient. 

Implant Supported Cosmetic Restorations

We are able to perform a multitude of comprehensive cosmetic restorations using dental implants-- including implant-supported dentures, crowns and bridges. Patients who opt for traditional dentures or overdentures can receive a newly minted set--in a relatively short period of time--designed to last for decades. 

Leading Edge Cosmetic Dental Technology  

The popularity of cosmetic dentistry has led the field to grow and innovate by leaps and bounds. At Marler Campbell Dental Group, we're enthusiastic about leveraging the best technology available to achieve real and lasting results for our patients. We make use of durable materials that are minimally invasive. Our approach to cosmetic dentistry is highly precise and proven to achieve the results you desire with minimal downsides. Our cosmetic dentists will educate patients about their dental options to understand the pros and cons resulting in better informed decisions regarding their long-term oral health and aesthetic needs.

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