Are you in need of high-quality dental replacement options? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. At the Marler Campbell Dental Group, we have a wide variety of options for those who are missing teeth. We are here to help you choose what works best for you. The dental replacement option you choose will depend on your budget, lifestyle, and personal preference. We are confident that we can help you look and feel better than ever before!

Why Replace Missing Teeth?

If you are missing only one or two teeth, why bother replacing them? If it doesn’t bother you, then why would it be important to fill in those gaps in your smile? If you’ve ever asked these kinds of questions before then we have some news for you. Leaving even one tooth missing or too long can cause unnecessary stress and damage to your other surrounding teeth. Your mouth was designed to function with all of your teeth and when even one is missing, the other teeth are forced to do more than their fair share.

Plus, if you are missing a significant amount of teeth and you leave these gaps unattended for too long you can experience bone loss. Those who are missing a lot of teeth for a long period of time can experience facial sagging or other unfortunate-looking changes in the look and structure of their face. Whether you are missing one tooth or many, getting them replaced can help you look and feel your very best.

Dental Bridges

If you are missing one or two teeth, then a great dental replacement option for you would be dental bridges. A bridge is just what it sounds like, it’s a set of false teeth that are placed in between your natural teeth that remain intact. There are permanent bridges and removable bridges.

They can blend right into your smile and help you look and feel better than ever. Bridges can be placed onto prepared teeth, on a dental implant, or they can be secured in place by your natural teeth. Bridges are usually made out of materials like porcelain or composite resin so they can look and feel just like the rest of your teeth.

If you are in need of a dental bridge in Escondido, CA, give our office a call today and we can help answer your questions and get you an appointment with us!