What are Sealants and What are the Benefits?

While maintaining a proper oral hygiene routine is essential, there are places a toothbrush can still miss. Dental sealants provide extra protection. They’re essentially a covering added to the chewing surfaces of the molars and are used to fill grooves and depressions in the teeth. Sealants are a common treatment in children’s and family dentistry. They’re often recommended as a preventative measure at a young age. At Marler Campbell Dental Group we offer a wide range of dental treatments including sealants in Escondido, California. 

What are sealants?


Dental sealants are a thin acrylic coating that is painted directly onto the tooth. The sealant bonds to the tooth providing an effective barrier. Sealants help to ward off the risk of cavities, tooth decay, by protecting the tooth enamel from acids and other harmful substances. Your dentist can apply sealants in a single visit and with regular checkups, they can be successfully maintained. This makes sealants an effective long-term solution, with many benefits for children and adults alike. Here are a few of the benefits of sealants.


Quick and easy procedure


The application of sealants is a quick and easy procedure. After a visit to the hygienist for a thorough clean, sealant can be painted onto the surface of the tooth. It dries in just a few minutes, causing minimal disruption to the patient. It can even be done on your lunch break.


Immediate protection of teeth


Once dried sealants offer immediate protection of the teeth. You can eat, drink, and speak normally straight after having the treatment. There’s also virtually no aftercare needed. All that’s necessary is to maintain a proper dental hygiene routine as you would with normal teeth.




Sealants are durable and long-lasting. Your dentist will inspect them at your regular checkups, just in case of any chipping or general wear and tear. Damage to sealants is fairly uncommon and with proper oral hygiene, they should last for years. If not, they can be reapplied easily by a dentist.




Sealants are a cost-effective treatment and a convenient option for most families. The main reason for this is that they help to prevent potential problems in the future. With sealants, you’re less likely to develop cavities which may lead to more elaborate treatments such as fillings and dental surgery.


Virtually unnoticeable


As well as being virtually invisible, sealants are unnoticeable to the patient. The thin layer of acrylic added to the tooth is so fine that you’ll hardly see any difference and your teeth will feel natural. Typically sealants are white or clear in color, in order to blend in with the rest of your mouth. They’re very discreet and won’t affect the way you eat, drink, talk or smile.

At Marler Campbell Dental Group we offer sealants in Escondido, California and the surrounding area. Our friendly team is also available for further advice on tooth decay prevention and treatment. If you would like to learn more about sealants or our other dental services, get in touch today.