Teeth Whitening: In-home and in-house options

Did you know that recent studies have shown that nearly eighty percent of adults in the United States wish they had whiter teeth? Let’s turn those wishes into reality. At Marler Campbell Dental Group we take pride in providing our patients with a great deal of education and options when it comes to whitening their beautiful smiles. The option you choose will depend on your personal preference, the look you’re going for, and how much time and effort you’d personally like to dedicate to the whitening of your teeth.

In-Home Teeth Whitening

Many people choose to whiten their teeth using a variety of products that can be purchased at their local drugstore. These products include whitening tubes of toothpaste, whitening mouthwashes, whitening strips, and more. While these sorts of methods can make a small difference, they are not a great tool to use for significant and lasting whitening results.

If you are looking for something you can still do within the comfort of your own home, we recommend take-home whitening trays. These are provided for you at your dentist ‘s office and they can help instruct you on how to use the trays properly. The length of time you leave the whitening solution on your teeth will depend on the level of whiteness you’re looking for. All of it is very customizable.

In-House Teeth Whitening

If you’d like to kick back, relax, and let us take care of all the work of whitening then that’s an option as well. We offer professional in-office whitening that takes no time at all and provides you with long-lasting results. This can help eliminate your stress surrounding whitening yourself. We will help you decide what shade of white you’d like your teeth to be and explain the whole process to you so you can know what to expect.

Come and get a brighter smile today! Give our office a call and schedule a teeth whitening appointment in Escondido, CA soon.